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"Welcome to my website and my passion. I am Theresa "Coach Tess" Jenkins and I am your certified Transformational/Mindset coach. I love people and it is my deepest desire to see them operating as their most true and authentic self. I believe that the key to all sucess is understanding who you are and what you were called to do. Welcome to the Real You experience!"

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My Story

There was a time when I started to hide. Hide from who I really was and what I was called to do. I let limiting beliefs and unproductive thinking create a world where I suppressed my true self. I operated as a shallow version of myself stuck in a constant struggle of doubt, fear and being unconfident. I allowed my mistakes and others' opinions of me to space how I viewed and operated in life. 

I struggled to find myself and I was struggling alone. I was broken and striving to be free. I hid my struggles from those around me, exuding a pseudo-confidence, while operating in limiting mindsets, desiring more. After several years of camouflaging my issues, I made a decision that something would have to change in order to become satisfied with my life, in order to go from just surviving to thriving. So, I started studying how belief systems are formed, how they shape your life and what can we do about them. After much research and prayer, I began to unroot many of my limiting beliefs that held me back and started on my journey of transformation.

I came across a life coaching program that helped me discover my true self and calling. As I completed my coaching program, I vowed to help as many people as I can discover and develop the REAL person inside of them. Since starting on my path of transformational coaching, I have learned to manage my mindset. I have discovered my true purpose and passion and I want to help you do the same.

I understand the powerful transformation coaching can have on one's life and I am here to use my journey to help you discover the REAL YOU waiting to emerge. I want to guide you to discover your authentic self, use your giftings and thrive as you have all success in life. My fullest intention is to empower you to fully embrace the challenges and choices facing you and thrive in spite of them. My multidimensional approach allows me to empower people in a way that supports a deep awareness and appreciation for their unique gifts, talents, and skills.

I believe we can and should operate at a greater level and the REAL person inside of you has the potential to make a great and lasting impact on this world. We don't need a new you, we need the REAL YOU! I am committed to helping you discover your true authentic self.

You are the reason I am here! Schedule your free consultation with me today and let's start on your path to enjoying and embracing the REAL YOU!


Your Real You Coach

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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